Monday, 26 August 2013

Of credibility & integrity

The gall of it all !! Where is the logic ? Where is the post PRU 13 results assurance ? Why are so many PRU 13 losers been rewarded with govt posts and appointments ?? Ironically there were many top scorer reps not been selected as candidates due to invalid , unreliable and lopsided evaluation now being left out in the cold. And you talk about credibility !!

Friday, 30 July 2010


Served these Malays right , and by this I mean the minority of the Malays ! --the so-called Liberal Malays .I say this because now, one by one the opposition leaders are blatantly trying to limit the special rights of the Malays , even though they know that Malays were accorded special privileges as enshrined in the constitution.

What do the Malays in the opposition party do ? Nothing ! They just let things be because these Malays desperately need the support of their fellow opposition party members in order to have a shot at forming the next government. They are envious of the Barisan National government ; they want to have administrative powers , they want to be in charge of the country. Thus they would even sell their souls just to gain political support. The sad thing is , they do not only sell their souls ,but in the process they sacrifice the whole Malay race !

Malays who used Islam to woo their fellow Muslims into voting for them do not want to openly admit that they are privately worried about the present situation. Rather as a matter of ego and perverted lust for power , they rallied behind their co-opposition members and instead attack UMNO , a Bumiputra-based political party.

Of course , these Malays won't admit that they are betraying their race . Instead they claim that they are just being liberal , and that Liberalism is a good attribute !

The seeds of 'liberalism' has been sown. Some of the younger Malays are already influenced . They feel proud that they are ' generously' advocating giving up their rights in the name of liberalism. The are moving on with the times- so they claimed . They are the new Malays. The are the champions . They are the heroes.

Allah SWT forbids that these champions, these heroes, these liberals succeed ; otherwise the very survival of the Malay race is at stake.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The order of the day this time around often send shivers down my spine . Revelations after revelations surface to stare us in the face. Malaysians do not spare one another's feelings any more.Name calling with racial overtones are rampant , and provocations are thrown around like there is no to-morrow. Are we now more matured and liberated - or are we no longer afraid to play with fire ?

I longed for the days when we were more respectful of each other . People were more guarded with their lexicology , semantics , figures of speech and what have you even though they had their fair share of outbursts. The government provided the guiding principles and the people were more conforming , each party playing the political game within the underlying perimeters of responsibility.

To top all this we had the privilege of having a legendary Prime Minister , who just knew what to do in the events of potential threats to our security and well-being . Used to be , I felt so secured under the care of our very own Tun Mahathir . Anytime something unpleasant cropped up , I always felt like a child with a protective father . I knew that if anything threathened the security or the political stability of our beloved land , Tun Mahathir would know what to do and what to say.

Of course Tun would sometimes spelt out unpopular polices within the government or within his own party . People would be fidgeting and sometimes running on edge , but in the end Tun would wind up the restlessness with his wisdom and everything would fall in place.

Alas this sense of ease is no more . The term of government , in between the time after Tun left and Dato'Seri Naib took over , has changed the political landscape drastically . Things sort of went the wrong direction . People were uttering semi seditious comments as if that was the way of life . It was scary , to say the least.

I am counting on Dato' Seri Najib , our beloved Prime Minister to put things right . I know it is a tall order , but God willing we can succeed .

I longed for those good , old days when we were one big tolerant family . I will go on dreaming regardless.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Can the Malays from different political standings unite ? I don't think so .

See, I don't use the overstated word ideologies , simply because I don't believe that all political parties in Malaysia have ideologies . One case in point : there is this political party which professes to be the be all and the end all of the religious practice of a certain group , but in reality it is worst than most.

This talk of unity and co-operation among opposing political parties , vis a vis UMNO and PAS had better cease. As long as this individual from PAS has a say in the discussion , this discourse is not going to happen . This individual is filled with vengeance and hatred towards UMNO , thus his decision is not guided by reasons but emotions. It baffles me as to why leaders in UMNO want to even CONSIDER exchanging views with PAS in the first place !

UMNO is gradually taking back its prodigal sons to its fold. It's president is trotting in the fast lane and the masses are warming up . So why bother dealing with this so-called unity talk with PAS - at least for now ?

UMNO may respond to this discussion agenda once this pathetic PAS individual is no longer among the PAS ruling hierachy.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


UMNO has been around since 1946. The party has been accepted by the people ever since , as seen in the trust given to form the Federal government and the majority of the state governments. The leaders are generally very principled and committed .

The opposition parties who won the state elections in 2008 are now feeling the strain of governing their charge. Prior to this it was so easy to criticize the ruling party and inciting others through hate campaigns.

Now the tables are turned ! The opposition are nursing their wounds . Defects and cracks in their administration and party have surfaced on the double. The executives are feeling the burden ; those who voted them to power are disillusioned , party members and cronies are ill at ease and either complaining loudly or scribbling on the walls.

So , how do the opposition powers - that- be handle this situation ? Easy. Find someone to blame; and what better entity that the Barisan National ! Any wrong move is covered by the claim that this is the 'inheritance' from the past BN government . Any wrong doing committed by their officers would be attributed to the lessons learnt from the BN . Anything and everything negative would be subtly implied to be the fault of the BN in one way or the other . HOW CONVENIENT ! In actual fact the opposition leaders and members have reared their ugly heads. Most of them are corrupt and rotten to the core. On top of that they are inefficient , ineffective and ill suited to the positions they hold . Along with these traits they are also arrogant and recalcitrant.

Don't these people even have a shred of decency in them ?

Let us hope that this will serve as a wake up call for all those people who had made the wrong decisions in voting the opposition in during the last general election !

Sunday, 14 February 2010


I guess we, Malays, are a very compromising lot. We have to be, cause time and again some political fanatics among us just sit back and watch while our culture and even our religious principles are ripped apart. Worst, there are even Malays who come forward and lay down excuses in favour of our perpetrators!

What is happening exactly? Why do some of us swallow hook, line and sinker the excuses given by politicians who manipulate issues to their benefit. I can give many examples.

The ruling by the Federal Court (picture above) with regards to the Rightful Mentri Besar of Perak .....The Malays insult the Judiciary, badmouth the royal institution and just refuse to accept the inevitable.

The controversy regarding the initial ban on procession in respect of Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Some individual even went to the extent of trying to justify not having the procession, much to the ire of fellow muslims.

Of course the list goes on and on but unfortunately one is not at liberty to disclose more for fear of treading on forbidden ground viv-a-vis 'contempt of court'.

Suffice to say that we, Malays are very accommodating, very soft hearted and very, very gullible.


Thursday, 11 February 2010


The ruling by the Federal Court with regards to the rightful Mentri Besar of Perak has struck a negative chord among some sore losers.

They claimed that :

The majority of Perakians still support the opposition group

Their leaders still enjoy the respect of the people

They would win the 13th General Election

and so on and so forth

To these recalcitrants I say ........DREAM ON !